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Venereal Diseases

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Venereal Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases, also called venereal diseases, can be expressed through viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites.

Perhaps the most common disease is HIV, which is a contagious, viral disease.

But there are also other viral venereal diseases such as HPV (human papilloma virus, also known as genital warts), genital herpes and hepatitis B.

The most common bacterial diseases are chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea (clap).

Some common symptoms

  1. Discharge from the urethra or rectum (bowel).
  2. Burning or painful urination, itching.
  3. Sores, blisters, bumps or warts on the genitals, on or in the mouth, around the anus or other parts of the body.

Although sexually transmitted diseases are still a taboo subject for many people, it is important to go to a doctor when you have any symptoms in order to protect yourself and prevent them.

The good news is that these diseases are solvable.


Each disease or infection has a different treatment.

Depending on the clinical picture, treatment with antibiotics in the form of cream or tablets (for gonorrhea, for example), penicillin (in the case of syphilis) or antiviral treatment in the case of genital warts is proposed. The latter can also be eliminated surgically or by treatment with a
co2 laser

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